Top 10 Trending Hairstyles for Men in Bradford

In Bradford, men are embracing a variety of hairstyles that reflect their individuality and style. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, there's a hairstyle for every man in Bradford. Let's explore the top 10 trending hairstyles that are making waves in the city.


  • The Classic Undercut: The undercut continues to be a popular choice among Bradford men, offering a sleek and versatile look.
  • Textured Crop: For those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish option, the textured crop is an excellent choice, adding depth and dimension to your hair.
  • Pompadour: Channel your inner rockabilly with a modern twist by sporting a pompadour, which exudes confidence and charisma.
  • Slicked Back Hair: Achieve a sophisticated and polished appearance with slicked-back hair, perfect for formal occasions or everyday wear.
  • Buzz Cut: Embrace the simplicity and versatility of a buzz cut, offering a clean and fuss-free look that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Side Part: Add a touch of classic elegance to your style with a side part, which complements all face shapes and hair types.
  • Fade Haircut: Stay on-trend with a fade haircut, characterized by a seamless transition from short to long hair, creating a clean and sharp appearance.
  • Crew Cut: Opt for a timeless and masculine look with a crew cut, featuring short sides and a slightly longer top for added versatility.
  • Curly Top: Embrace your natural texture with a curly top hairstyle, showcasing your curls while maintaining a polished and groomed appearance.
  • Man Bun: For those with longer hair, the man bun offers a stylish and practical option, keeping your hair out of your face while making a fashion statement.